30 Years after the Blizzard of Aahhh's

It’s the 30th anniversary of The Blizzard Of Aahhh’s, the iconic ski movie that inspired a generation of skiers. Ever wondered where Plake got all his neon from? Here’s the story from Fall-Line UK Magazine.

Words: Jaakko Jarvensivu

It’s the summer of 1984 and Barry Levinson, a young  college business graduate from Colorado, is driving a rental car in Lapland towards Kemijärvi, a provincial town in eastern Lapland, less than an hour’s drive from the Soviet border. Van Halen’s ‘Jump’ is playing on the radio. Levinson is pondering the descriptions of Finnish radio. Levinson is pondering the descriptions of Finnish and sauna in heavy rotation. He has travelled to Lapland determined to sign an import deal for the US market with Torstai Ltd…

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Fall-Line UK

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