The Beauty of Portillo | Chile

Many skiers have seen photos of the yellow Hotel Portillo with the backdrop of the Chilean Andes, the waters of Laguna del Inca and the steep snow-covered crags. This place has long been on my list and we hit it after 14' of new snow fell.

Legend tells that the spirit of the Inca, Illi Yunqui, that haunts the watery tomb in which he buried his soul-mate, the Princess Kora-Illé,  who had tragically fallen from a cliff during a royal mountain banquet. The Inca Yunqui, whose grief shook the mountain, believed that no earthly grave could compare with this lake.

Such is the story of the beautiful Laguna del Inca at Portillo Chile one of the world most amazing ski resorts.

Portillo has a wonderful staff led by Michael Rogan. If you ever get a chance... go!

Barry LevinsonComment